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A post for once.
Jessie J
I always use this account but never post to my own journal. I only comment and post on other journals/communities. I feel a bit guilty.

So here it is, a post. It was special.

Skins 4 clips in slow-mo
Jessie J
I took the Skins 4 previews and slowed them down into one video. With some music over the top. Simple. :D

Looky here... community.livejournal.com/skinsfans/1201364.html

Naomily in slow-mo
Jessie J
I've uploaded all of Naomi & Emily's series 4 clips from the previews and put them all in one vid. In slow-mo. I can't wait for series 4! :D


Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-oZHGyML0M

You got it, another Skins post from me!
Jessie J
So out of pure boredom and curiosity I decided to make another post on skinsfans about what people's favourite ANYTHING is from any series of Skins...ch ch ch check it out... http://community.livejournal.com/skinsfans/1181969.html

Another Skins poll!
Jessie J

I know all I do is seem to post polls on my LJ lol, but I've posted another one over at skinsfansHere's the link... community.livejournal.com/skinsfans/1143691.html

Let me know who you voted for :D

A Skins Poll!
Jessie J

I posted a poll over at skinsfans called 'Who do you ship (series 3)' here's the link... http://community.livejournal.com/skinsfans/1060896.html

I'd like to know who you ship so l hope you vote :-)

Your Skins 'Awards'
Jessie J
This was originally posted by me a few weeks ago over at the SkinsFans LJ community.livejournal.com/skinsfans/999756.html But I thought I'd put it in my own journal aswell :-)

Okay, so I totally stole this from the Skins imdb board but I thought I'd bring it over to here to see who you guys and girls would give your 'awards' to. Here are the categories:

Sexiest Female -
Sexiest Male -
Funniest Female - 
Funniest Male - 
Cutest Female -
Cutest Male -
Most Annoying Character -
Best Quote - 
Best Storyline -
Best Episode - 
Best Couple - 
Worst Storyline -
Worst Episode - 
Worst Couple - 


Sexiest Female - Naomi
Sexiest Male - Tony
Funniest Female - Pandora
Funniest Male - It's between Sid, Chris & JJ. Can't choose!
Cutest Female - Emily
Cutest Male - JJ
Most Annoying Character - Cook
Best Quote - "You couldn't make me feel alright if you stapled your tongue to my clit and stood on a cement mixer''
Best Storyline - Naomi/Emily <3
Best Episode - 'Naomi'
Best Couple - Naomi/Emily
Worst Storyline - Cook/Effy/Freddie. BORING!
Worst Episode - It's a tie between 'Freddie' and the finale of S3
Worst Couple - Freddie/Effy